The Zookeeper’s Wife Giveaway

The Zookeeper's Wife Book, Bag and Pen Giveaway

The Zookeeper’s Wife Book, Bag and Pen Giveaway.


We’re holding a giveaway to celebrate the film, “The Zookeeper’s Wife,” now in theaters. The movie stars Jessica Chastain (“Zero Dark Thirty”) and is based on the non-fiction book by Diane Ackerman. This is the courageous true story of Dr. Jan and Antonia Zabinski, and is set in Poland in 1939 during WWII. The film tells the real-life ordeal the Zabinskis experienced to save Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto.

Movie Synopsis

The time is 1939 and the place is Poland, homeland of Antonina Zabinski and her husband, Dr. Jan Zabinski. The Warsaw Zoo flourishes under Jan’s stewardship and Antonina’s care. When their country is invaded by the Nazis, Jan and Antonina are forced to report to the Reich’s newly appointed chief zoologist, Lutz Heck. The Zabinskis covertly begin working with the Resistance and put into action plans to save the lives of hundreds from what has become the Warsaw Ghetto.

The movie was directed by Niki Caro (“Whale Rider”), and was released March, 31, 2017. I watched this movie shortly after it was released. I favor films that will teach me something, especially true stories. This film is one that illustrates the extent of human being’s courage, who risk it all for others. It’s a beautiful movie, too. The sets, costumes, and especially the animals in the zoo are exquisitely represented. A couple of things made sitting through this 124 minute-long film, a little challenging. One is trying to see past Jessica Chastain’s Polish accent. Besides this, the movie taught me something I had no idea had happened during the Nazi takeover of Poland. There are scene involving the killing of the animals that are tough to watch, too.

Now for the fun stuff! One lucky winner will get the book, “The Zookeepers Wife,” a book bag, and a pen. To enter the giveaway simply go to one of my Social Media channels listed below and Follow, LIKE, or Share the photo/post linked to the corresponding network. One winner will be selected randomly. Giveaway ends Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at 5PM. Winner will be announced here and on all social media channels.

Good luck!




The Zookeeper’s Wife

Rated PG-13

Runtime 2 hours 4 minutes


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