Review and Giveaway: ‘Zootopia’ Available on Digital HD, Blu-ray+DVD, and Disney Movies Anywhere

Disney’s “Zootopia” is now available on Digital HD, Blu-ray+DVD, and Disney Movies Anywhere. Enter this giveaway and you could win a digital download of the movie!

Or you could run to the store and get it, too.  Either way your family will thank you for it.

Zootopia DVD Blu-ray Combo

Zootopia DVD Blu-ray Combo

I received an advanced copy of the movie. I watched it with my son (my 24 year-old, gainfully employed oldest child because who wants to grow out of Disney anyway?), and we loved it!

If you haven’t seen “Zootopia” you’re in for a treat!  The animation is superb, the writing is witty and on-point with today’s social issues.

The film has many layers of messages embedded in it. Kids, and even some adults, will likely have to watch it several times to catch them all.

The central theme of this movie is simple but important: Anyone can be who they want to be. The protagonist, voiced by Gennifer Goodwin, is the adorable bunny Judy Hopps (oops! she wouldn’t like me calling her adorable!), who works against all odds to become the very first cop of Zootopia: Officer Hopps. She and a sly fox, Nick Wild (Jason Bateman), are not the most likely of friends, but they pull together to solve a mystery.


Here are a few things I liked about this movie:

  • The hero is a girl, so it’s heroine, right? Officer Hopps is courageous, bright, and determined!
  • Diversity and stereotypes are addressed, and kids will understand what these terms mean. If they don’t, then these are good teachable moments.
  • The dialogue is peppered with references only adults will understand, and kids will too once they grow into the movie. I think I caught a quip referring to Donald Trump’s hair. Let me know if you notice it, too!

Something fun about watching Disney’s latest instant classic movie, is trying to spot the Easter eggs the animators purposely hide in the film.

I’ll give you a few Easter eggs to look out for as you and your family watch “Zootopia:”

  • Look for a hidden Mickey on office Clawhauser’s leopard fur — on a cheek to be precise.
  • There are a few homages to “Frozen.” Look for two baby elephants in Tundra Town wearing Elsa and Anna costumes.
  • Towards the end, there’s a lab scene reminiscent of “Breaking Bad.” I think this part is meant for the adults to catch, because this is not a show young kids should watch! And the assistants’ names are…wait for it…Walter and Jessie!

The bonus features included in the disc set are great, too. One of them is a trailer for “Finding Dory,” the highly anticipated sequel to “Finding Nemo!”

A few months ago, I interviewed Lance Summers (it was exciting to see his name in the credits!), one of the environment animators at Disney Animation Studios. In our interview, he shared other key things to try to notice while watching this very clever movie.

Lance Summers, Zootopia's Environment Look Supervisor, in San Diego with "101Movies" author Suzette Valle

Lance Summers, Zootopia’s Environment Look Supervisor, in San Diego with “101Movies” author Suzette Valle

Summers let me know that we should pay attention to details like fingerprints and smudges on the train windows. He made sure things were as realistic as possible. You can more read about his work on Zootopia here.

If you’d like a chance to win a digital download of “Zootopia” just enter the giveaway below. One winner will receive a card with a code to download this movie.

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Good luck everyone!
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