Touch&Know® Drug Test Kit Essential In Arsenal of Parenting Tools

Besides death, a parent’s worst nightmare is to find out your child is involved with potential killers: drugs or alcohol.

No amount of sugar-coating this topic will change the harsh reality that drugs and alcohol have permeated every level of society and practically affect every age group. Recently, some third-grade kids were caught smoking pot in a school bathroom!

Admittedly, these are scary times for parents — especially for parents of teenagers. However, this is not the time to feel helpless. To help parents mount their own war on drugs at home, there’s a revolutionary and discreet product on the market called Touch&Know®

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Touch&Know Test Kit

Just imagine that gut-punch feeling of finding something suspicious in your child’s pockets, room or backpack — paraphernalia or an odd looking bag or bottle — and you’re not sure what to do. The one thing you do know is that you can’t ignore it!

The first step before confronting your child is knowledge. Touch&Know® can help you find out if that suspicious substance is a drug so you can take action in the privacy of your own home.

“Test the Substance Not the Person”

Just picture yourself as the parent in this video.

At-home drug test kits involving the pee-in-a-cup method have been around for a while. However, urine samples are the easiest tests to cheat on and take a while to give you results. And there’s no shortage of internet sources providing information about how to get around failing a urine drug test.

The Touch&Know® test kit gives you quick results, and is very easy to use and even easier to understand.

After swiping or dipping the tip of the test probe in the suspect substance, simply lock it back into the reaction chamber, squeeze the chemical capsules on the back of the unit, and gently shake to start the reaction. If the color of the chemicals changes, this indicates the presumed presence of a substance. The test is 100% safe and 99% accurate. Touch&Know® can provide results for 22 drugs compared to the traditional urine test which only tests for 12. Best of all, Touch&Know® does not require any messy contact with pee!

The straightforward at-home test kit contains two drug screening tests that you can easily use to find out if your child is involved with drug or alcohol use. One kit is a Marijuana/Hashish test. The other one is a General Screening test that can detect Hedron, Cocaine/Crack, Methamphetamine, Aphetamine (powered), Escstsy/MDMA, Methadone, Kedtamine, PCP, PMA, DMT, MDPV and Mephedrone.

iDenta, the makers of Touch&Know® , developed a method that may also detect rapidly evolving synthetic designer drugs some of which are sold as bath salts, plant food or research chemicals: PMMA, mCPP, MPA, 2-Aminoidndane, Buphedrone, MDPBP, Cathinone, MethCathinone, Methylone.

Television is riddled with news of celebrities’ real-life experiences with drug addiction or alcohol abuse gone wrong, and these are all too real for our children today. No one is immune to this exposure: not the bad kids, nor the straight-A kids, not the Valedictorian nor Salutatorian, not the jock with the athletic scholarship heading to college, nor the rich or poor kids. Times have changed. Drugs and alcohol are present in the lives of even the good kids from the best families.

Don’t. Be. Fooled.

Being your child’s parent at a difficult time such as discovering an illicit drug in their possession is a heart-wrenching moment, but one when a parent needs to act and be a child’s parent, not their friend.

Of course, while Touch&Know® gives you the ability to test the substance and not the relationship with your child, “it is not mean to be a replacement for talking to your children.” Touch&Know® should be an essential weapon in our arsenal of parenting tools. This test can help parents to either avoid unnecessary conflict, or to get over the period of denial so that acceptance, action and healing can begin sooner rather than later.

Be a proactive parent and stay a step ahead of the bad influences with Touch&Know®

They say everything has a solution except death. Keep Touch&Know® handy. It could save your relationship with your child, or better yet, their life.

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This product is available exclusively at Walgreens and retails for $19.99. It is on sale for $14.99 during the month of April!

Disclosure: This is sponsored post. The opinions expressed herein are my own.



  1. Ella says:

    If anyone thinks their child may be abusing drugs but isn’t sure – and doesn’t want to have the conversation until they are – I’d really recommend this new tool which highlights the first warning signs of drug use. Really helpful.

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