Reality TV Survey Says It Makes Girls Confident But Mean

A survey by the Girl Scout Research Institute titled, Real To Me, shows reality TV influences girls’ outlook about their image and  how they maintain relationships.

On the negative side the survey found:

1. Girls have increased girl drama (gosh, we don’t need anymore of this!) by being more gossipy,

2. Competition with each other is worse than ever

3. Lack of trust with friendships

4. Being mean is the way to get you want


On the positive side (yes, there is a some good coming out of reality TV, can you believe it?):

1. It made girls aware of social causes and issues (teen pregnancy?)

2. Provided them with comfort making them see there’s others like them out there

3. Opened up dialogue with parents and friends


Do you think the good outweighs the negative impact reality TV has on girls?




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