Survivor Tonight! Welcome Fall TV.

Getting ready to welcome the new fall season of television shows is really quite a momentous occasion around here. The summer entertainment abyss is about to be filled with either mindless sitcoms, poignant, or funny programs which might keep us coming back for more each week.

This is what shows like Survivor, and Amazing Race have done to us.  Watching the dynamics between people plotting how to backstab each other while hypocritically calling each other friends is entertaining — so we are loyal viewers.


We started watching these two reality shows when our kids were younger (one is gone now) and we have a special attachment to these two in particular. The kids practically grew up on Survivor, one of the few reality shows we'd allow them to watch as kids.  They even got buffs from Survivor: All Stars for Christmas one year.

There are a few other shows I'm looking forward to watching, and hopefully, getting hooked on as well. 

I recently saw the pilot for a the new ABC show Pan Am (review next week,). This series is set in the Cold War-era of the 1960's (when I was just a young girl), and I can tell you that just by watching the pilot I'm already half way reeled in.  

I also just received the screening DVD for Happy Endings which premiers its second season next week.  I'll have a review of that show's premier for you for soon, as well.

This fall season is, quite frankly, very exciting for us because it's different. We are so busy, that if we're going to give up a couple of hours a night to watch TV, we expect much more out of television shows.

Nevertheless, we'll still set aside the time on Wednesday and Sunday nights respectively to watch Survivor and Amazing Race without interruptions. We won't answer the phone (unless the caller ID on the TV set alerts us that it's a family member and not a sales call), and by the time 8 o'clock rolls around, the dinner table will be cleared, and we'll be gathered on the sectional in our usual spots to enjoy a bit of OPP (Other People's Problems).  

This has been our routine for quite some time, since West Wing, in fact.  Now that the kids are older, we rarely catch shows together anymore.  And that's fine.

Fortunately, should the kids need us they know exactly where to find us on a Wednesday or Sunday night after our favorite shows premier this fall: in front of the television ignoring the phone.

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