Mr. Popper's Penguins Movie Review: It's Stinky, Bitey, Loudy and Lovey.

Jim Carrey is back in fine feathers in the film “Mr. Poppers Penguins,” a role virtually tailor made for his contortionist’s brand of funny.  


Jim Carrey on the set of “Mr. Popper's Penguins”

This heartwarming story about a man and his arctic pets will likely make you laugh, cringe and maybe even tear up a time or two in this modern throw-back of the fanciful family film.

Penguins is based on the 1938 novel of the same name by authors Richard and Florence Atwater, and is a wonderful film perfectly suited to entertain a range of ages, including parents.

Carrey, the inimitable funny man, manages to wrap us up in his character’s warmth in spite of the bitterly cold story of a self absorbed, highly successful real estate tycoon from New York City who apparently finds his spotless apartment more appealing than his two kids and estranged wife, Amanda (Carla Gugino).

Tommy Popper is callus from his own fatherless childhood in which his parent traded time with him preferring to travel the world in search of adventure.

Popper inherits a crate containing penguins after his father’s death, and the fine feathered creatures arrive at a crucial time — Mr. Popper is absorbed in trying to climb the corporate ladder and has little time for anything or anyone else.  

Once the cold-weather animals arrive at his posh place in the middle of a freezing East coast winter, the bone-chilling frolics begin.  The aloof dad is suddenly saddled with the responsibility of caring for the needy arctic birds, and realizes he can use them as bait to try to entice his bratty kids to spend more time with him.

The flightless birds take over Popper’s upscale Manhattan penthouse and his heart — at times they even grab a piece of ours.  

The delightful animals take hold of your imagination as do the ice-capades and indoor glacial palace Mr. Popper prepares for the pesky pets.

In a somewhat predictable plot, the lovable penguins manage to bring the most important thing back into Popper’s up-to-know frigid existence: his family.

Though far fetched, the charming film does an excellent job of combining real penguins with CGI created ones; Stinky, Loudy, Bitey, Captain, Lovey, and Nimrod are the real stars of this family comedy.

This film is well worth the outing just to see Carrey bring out his trade-mark bag of tricks and incomparable facial distortions (and some visibly well-earned laugh lines and wrinkles marking the inevitable passage of time).

Angela Lansbury returns to the big screen in a rather small role, but her legendary personality gives the film the obstacle Mr. Popper must overcome.

Ophelia Lovibond is Miss Pippi, Mr. Popper’s assistant, and is perhaps the most popular personality in this picture for her preposterous use of the letter “P.”

“Mr. Poppers Penguins” won't disappoint. It’s a great choice for a fun family movie night out … even for those testy teens that may have to tag along.

Rated PG

Run Time 94 Mins.

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