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MTV “Skins” Show Premiers – Rough Content

The new MTV show “Skins” premiers January 17th, 2011 at 10pm PST, and has an MA rating. It's been heavily marketed to teenagers in spite of this cautionary rating. A TV-MA rating means the program may be unsuitable for those below 17.  The program may contain extreme graphic violence, strong profanity, overtly sexual dialog, very […]

The 2011 Golden Globe Awards

Did you notice a difference in this year’s Golden Globes? I thought I detected a younger more vibrant group of actors commandeering the stage. From Natalie Portman, to the cast of “Glee”, to Andrew Garfield and Jessie Eissenbeg of “The Social Network”, the talent was predominantly youthful. The broadcast was also fast-paced and to the point which had us paying attention to the short acceptance speeches (were they really 60 seconds each?) or we’d miss them. (Yes, we can rewind the DVR, but then Twitter would get ahead and spoil the news).

Westboro Baptist Church Backs Down After Injuction by Coronado School District

Westboro Baptist Church took Coronado High School's performance of the “The Laramie Project” off their picket schedule. They had …

Updates on the Protestors of “The Laramie Project” in Coronado

This was sent to eCoronado.com, and posted as a comment on my cross-post, by the Coronado Council of Churches:
It has come to our attention that Westboro Baptist Church has planned to picket the Saturday, Jan. 15th high school presentation of “The Laramie Project.” While the merits of such a production may stimulate lively discussion among us, we, as representatives of the Christian community in Coronado, stand together against