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I consider myself a Star Wars® fan and I enjoy online gaming so I was interested in playing the new Star Wars® Clone Wars Adventures® game online.  This game from Lucas Arts and Sony Online Entertainment is rated E10+. This game is definitely a step up from Petville and Farmville. It puts itself in the arena of Cartoon Networks’ Fusion Fall online game for youths age 10+. The base level membership is free with options to upgrade to a paid subscription to access exclusive content. You can also purchase in-game items through credit card, PayPal® or through your cell phone’s SMS (text messaging service).


I quickly and easily set up a character and began exploring.  Each room I explored had a game I could play. There are strategy games, memory games, card battling games, flying games and blaster shooting games. Each game I played had increasingly more difficult levels as I completed each level. The games were fun and easy enough for beginners. Kids can chat with each other in all the common rooms. The games have parental controls and security levels attached to the account. Clone Wars Adventures® gives you a house for your character that you can decorate by selecting your own furniture and accessories. You can also get yourself some new outfits to wear, including Halloween masks for the holidays!

My favorite game is the one where you have to find the five differences between two pictures. I flunked it the first time, but once I had played a few pictures, I began training my eye to see things I wouldn’t normally notice. Once I had played all the games and levels I could on my free account I grew bored. I contemplated upgrading to the Jedi membership. It was hard not to be tempted as I was reminded over and over again how much exclusive content I was missing by not being a member of the Jedi level.

The game is fun and super easy to play. Young Star Wars® fans will find hours of enjoyment on their own and with friends online. I didn’t find anything in the game that was inappropriate for the age it is rated. By default the account is automatically set to the safest setting for online chat and profile access.

I was frequently solicited to upgrade my account to the Jedi membership which is a $5.99 per month fee (options for lifetime$49.99 and annual $39.99). There are areas in the game that cannot be accessed unless your account is upgraded to the Jedi level.  I couldn’t fully experience Clone War Adventures® without being a Jedi level membership. You can earn credits as you accomplish game levels that you can use to purchase low level in-game items. The ability to use these in-game credits currencies to upgrade to select levels in select games would be a huge benefit or at least use them to buy Station Cash® increments.

As with all online content it is important to monitor your child’s online activities. This game is no different than any other MMO in that it shares some universal concerns about the gaming experience.

First, setting up this free account is very easy. The only thing a child needs to enter to play is a username and a password. Once that’s entered, they can start playing. There was not a place to enter a parent’s email address until after the account had been created. You will need to log into the child’s account, access the account information and reset the email to your email (the default email will show You won’t receive a confirmation email until you do this. This implies that you may not even know if your child has signed up for an account.  If you wish to delete your child’s account you actually have to contact the privacy support people at Sony Online.

Second, children can use their cell phone text messaging services to purchase Station Cash® and put money on their account for in-game purchases. Your child can easily (and I mean so easy your 5 year old could do it) make purchases to your cell phone account.

Aside from the minor concerns for parents on the security side of things, Star Wars® Clone Wars Adventures® is a fun, age appropriate game for 10+. The game is a wonderful addition to Cartoon Network’s Clone Wars series. Youngsters and adults alike will find all their favorite characters from the show in their online gaming experience.

May the Force be with you!

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