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“Parenting in a Celebrity-Driven Society”


Suzette Valle

Head To Toe Women’s Expo

November 14th, 2010, 1:30pm


The media exposure to young celebrities’ lifestyles kids, teens and families are subjected to is unavoidable: television, movies, clothing, books, magazines, backpacks, lunch boxes, bedding, fashion, cosmetics – celebrities are everywhere! 

Unless the television set is turned off and your kids kept from shopping or simply standing next to glossy magazines at the supermarket checkout, they will get a daily dose of Hollywood’s lifestyles and values (or lack of them!), like it or not.

Keeping kids grounded, while still allowing them to be part of mainstream society, is a delicate balance parents try to achieve to survive Hollywood’s constant draw. Shows like The Jersey Shore, 16 and Pregnant , Gossip Girl, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and a whole host of “Junk Reality” currently on television are part of our cultural identity and targets the youngest members of our society.

Is the solution to turn off the media in your home?

How do we co-exist with the current over-sexualization of our youth in the media?

Is anyone looking out for our youth’s well-being out there?

What is a parent to do?

“Parenting in a Celebrity-Driven Society” is a not an easy thing to achieve, but it is possible.

We need to start this dialogue with the ones who matter most: parents!

Please join me November, 14th to discuss the entertainment industry and the media’s assault on our kids, our values and our families. My hope is that you’ll walk away having exchanged ideas that will help foster a healthful way to balance Hollywood’s unrealistic images with our families’ reality.

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