“You Again” movie is more like “Not This Again”

Watching “You Again” brought back the high school drama several of us left behind many years ago: the sense of inadequacy, un-coolness, and the discomfort faced for not belonging to the right group. All these dreadful adolescent feelings from yesteryear are the basis for this funny, yet trite chick flick. “The movie follows successful PR […]

School Themes Dominate Fall TV and Movies

Hike up your skirt and roll out the backpacks because it's Back to School season for television and movies this fall. From high school to college, this will be the recurring theme of an upcoming string of TV shows and movies regurgitating the same old school fare. How unoriginal. *Eye roll* The television show “HellCats” (PG) premiers […]

Joel McHale at Comic-Con 2010

Scott Wolf of the cast of “V”