Hey, San Diego! Here's your chance to find that movie-compatible partner. Do folks who like comedy flicks fall for action afficionados? Netflix will be heading to Little Italy next week to see if movies work as a matchmaking device. After all, the traditional first date is dinner and a movie, right?  This event is FREE, but […]

Latest Post at The Wrap: “Kendall Jenner Overexposed”

Kendall Jenner Should Be Shielded, Not Overexposed By Suzette Valle Published: August 19, 2010 Well folks, another celebrity’s innocent child bites reality TV dust prompting many to reach for the remote and change the channel or turn off the set as the only way to escape watching unrealistic TV rubbish. In this case, we're talking […]

This Family Will Miss You, Dr. Laura

It’s a shame Dr. Laura will be going off the air. I will miss her company, the advice, and support she gave me over the last 18 years. I really wanted her to stick around long enough for my kids to listen to her, and hear confirmation of what “Do the Right Thing” means in their adult life. Not all decisions are clear cut in our daily lives, but listening to her show sometimes helped me decipher the answer to many confusing situations.

Major Network Looking for L.A. Parents with Questions

L.A. PARENTS ONLY: Do you have a parenting question? Are you the parent of a child between the ages of 4-12 years old? Do you need help with tantrums, the “gimme, gimme's” or talking back? Do you want answers to your parenting questions and/or any of the following: * How to handle the “Gimme, Gimme's”. […]

I'm Movin' Out!

It's a topsy turvy kind of day around here trying to pack and organize the kid's stuff (on the last day, of course) before departing to drop him off at college. We set up Skype, tested it, and he even had me talk to some of his friends on the laptop. It's all pretty cool.
But still… It's moving out day.