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Kendall Jenner Should Be Shielded, Not Overexposed

By Suzette Valle
Published: August 19, 2010

Kendall JennerWell folks, another celebrity’s innocent child bites reality TV dust prompting many to reach for the remote and change the channel or turn off the set as the only way to escape watching unrealistic TV rubbish. In this case, we're talking about the sand stirred up under Kendall Jenner's feet when her recent photo shoot for a modeling portfolio hit the media.

Now that the dirt has somewhat settled, we can clearly see Kris and Bruce Jenner's teenage daughter revealed more than her next career move dressed in little clothes and too much make up.  

This chapter is reminiscent of a previous story involving a minor posing in age-inappropriate photos, isn't it? This time, however, the young Jenner could have used the infamous bed sheet from the first installment of this unseemly over-sexualizing-teens trend to cover her 14-year-old figure.

The parallels we can draw between the semi-naked Jenner scandal and its antecedent, Miley Cyrus, who also appeared on national media baring too much under-aged skin at 15 are dreadfully similar. Both children had their famous parents’ blessing (if not cajoled by them) to take risqué photos. And both their fathers defended their actions telling the media that if their girls were older (18 or older) this would not be newsworthy.

What a bunch of nonsense.

Watching celebrity parents peddle their daughters in the name of fame and fortune is scarier than seeing the disproportionate amount of smoky eye shadow used on Kendall Jenner’s nubile face. Parents are supposed to shield their children, not overexpose them to the stares and glares of weirdos and perverts involved in the fame and money-making machine.

In a recent interview, the until-now lone voice of reason on his family’s reality television show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” dad Bruce Jenner said that having his adolescent daughter Kendall pose provocatively in a string bikini for a photo shoot was not a big deal.  In fact, he referred to his teenage daughter’s photos as “hot shots.”

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