Knight and Day: Duck and cover after chuckling or the gun fire might get you too

One hour and fifty minutes go by as quickly as the adrenaline-charged, computer-generated action sequences in the film “Knight and Day” which opens tomorrow. This light, romantic, action comedy relies heavily on the million dollar grins of the movie's main actors,Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz starring as Roy Miller and June Havens, to get you to invest in them, and you probably will. This film is a summer pleaser which will likely make you smile in the end as well.

Roy (Cruise) is a spy gone rogue who gets trapped in a Bonny and Clyde type duo with June (Diaz), an unsuspecting gal who boards a fateful flight and who manages to make all the wrong decisions to not extricate herself from the inevitable spy tangle. The film is a thriller and romantic comedy rolled into one with plenty of bullets sprayed everywhere in relentless shoot em up sequences, stunt laden scenes with Cruise's ubiquitous sunglasses (I'm certain I caught that same look he won us over with behind those Ray Bans in “Risky Business”!) never out of reach no matter how farfetched or violent the situation he finds himself in is.

There are moments in this film when the action sequences stumble and the viewer catches the unlikeliness of it all; bulls running on the narrow streets of Seville, Spain in a car vs. motorcycle chase; villains crash trough the windows of a moving train in the Swiss Alps; there's a plane crash in a corn field no one seems to really understand or care about, and countless automobiles collide leaving heaps of nameless corpses as collateral damage.

While Diaz and Cruise carry the film nicely and their on-screen chemistry is endearing, absurdly, we actually don't mind that innocent by standards are run over, shot and killed without regard because we're busy laughing at the airhead moves Diaz is putting on while Cruise shows off he's still in top “Mission Impossible” form constantly trying to save this damsel from herself.

“Knight and Day” is rated PG-13 and will likely not be up for any awards, but it is the perfect summer movie to see with your teens when you show up to the theater not knowing what you want to watch. Surprisingly, you'll probably enjoy it as much as we did!

I give it  out of 5.

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