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La Jolla Cove view from Brockton Villa

Brockton Villa is one of the wonderful restaurants gracing our Southern California coast offering spectacular sunset views along with delicious food. It is ideally situated a top a perfect scenic spot overlooking The Cove, in La Jolla, California. The view from this perch is breathtaking, and I was able to personally confirm this at a recent brunch at this landmark eatery generously sponsored by owner Dave Heine for a group of San Diego bloggers.

Brockton Villa owner Mike Heine with bloggers Suzette Valle and Jennifer Fox Armour

View from a balcony table at Brockton Villa

Brockton Villa was a beach cottage built in 1894, and while being historically preserved was converted into a restaurant in 1990. Its quaint and charming decor embraces you as you walk up the stone and wood stairs seemingly cut out of the cliff side. The unique abalone shell-inlaid fireplace is estimated to have been built in the 1920s and is the centerpiece of the main dinning area.

If you happen to be in La Jolla, California this summer, don't forget to pop in to this lovely restaurant. “Brockton Villa remains a significant reminder of the architectural past alive in our La Jolla community: simple and lovely, blessed by the sea, the sun and the sand.”

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