Tiger, Jesse James' Role Model?

Jesse James. The name alone conjures up thoughts of rebellion, and the modern version of this infamous outlaw lived up to the moniker's heartless reputation.

Few questioned the bad boy selection by movie darling Sandra Bullock. James' rough exterior probably made us feel bad about judging a book by its cover- who are we to evaluate his character anyway?



Perhaps Sandra Bullock fans were accepting of her chosen partner's previous notorious behavior because she seems to uphold the values, ethics and hard work we'd like to see in our Hollywood leading ladies and men.

She hasn't let us down in this regard.

Then again, who cares what fans think, right?

Even while facing the marital mess she's in, her grace and stoic approach to it are admirable; she moved out and did not disturb the sanctuary for the children – her consciousness and humanitarian approach toward the children are commendable.

Jesse James is a fool. If not for himself, for his children. Sandra was the role model they needed to survive this twisted and debauched life he's leading them into.  

Sandra is a strong, self-reliant woman with so much to offer his other women's' kids, but James failed to take advantage of this over his carnal needs.

Without having done any research into either Bullock and James' past beyond what's in the headlines lately, it is not hard to see why he hooked up with her, but it's completely crazy that he would not be able to see past his over-inflated ego (or perhaps the complete opposite), to put his children first.

They'll be quite aware of the low moral character their daddy has via the media, their school pals, and friends. However,  they are too young to realize they should not emulate him in any way.

This is torture for them.

Remorse, repent, whatever. This only works if you have any spiritual character to back you up.

Money, fame, fortune, love, family he had it all and threw it away.

What? Did Tiger Woods influence him? Was he Jesse's role model, too?

Here we go again.

The difference this time is that James doesn't have the phoneme-of-your-craft excuse to hide behind.

Whatever he does as a result of his philandering I hope he puts his children first; protect them, educate them, sensitize them about the right way to treat people.

It's a shame people like Jesse James even have children.


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