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How many of us have the organized work desk we see pictured in magazines? Mine is constantly crammed with stacks of files and too many In/Out boxes that never get emptied — I instead buy another tray in the newest color or design and stack it full of papers to be filed. How about those of you with a garage lined with file cabinets taking up space filled with infrequently to never-used files?
The answer to these common household dilemmas could be the HomeDataGuard Online File Cabinet.

Parents: Is Anybody home? FREE Guide for Parents, Too!

“Hey, Mamarazzi, what would you do if a 19 year old wants to date your 16 year-old daughter?” asked a …


Today is my husband's birthday. Last week we celebrated our son's 18th birthday.

One one fell swoop I suddenlly have …

Dia de Los Muertos (All Souls Day) Re-Post!

“Dia de los Muertos” is Latin Americas version of Halloween

Curse this Karma!

After moving along on cruise control for a considerable amount of time, the Karma gods decided to descend on our household with a vengeance: Illness, friend drama, hospital visits, and even termites decided to jump on this sinking ship! I'll share a few of these unfortunate events with you so I don't bum you out too […]