Update – The Doggy Passed Away, But The Bill Remains

On November 15th, at approximately 5PM 'Manita' (short for little sister in Spanish), my parents 10 year old Dachshund, went out in the back yard through her doggy door, and was attacked by a preying Coyote that had jumped the 4 foot fence to get her. A few moments after she'd gone outside, mom and dad heard a faint yelp, ran outside and saw her laying under the patio table, blood pouring out from her neck.

My elderly parents used their hands and towels to stop the bleeding while they drove her to the Pet Hospital. She was stabilized and given blood. My parents discussed putting her down last night, but when they walked in to say their goodbyes, the little black and tan dog got up and tried walking toward them in an effort to go home. They did not have the heart or strength to put her down because they saw a fighting in chance when she stood up.

The Vet told my parents that the dog might survive if she got needed surgery to correct a punctured Aorta.  They went ahead with the procedure last night, and she is still in the hospital recovering in intensive care. Manita might be released to go home tomorrow, Tuesday.

I want to appeal to all of you, my readers, to consider finding it in your hearts to make a small donation to help defray the costs of keeping this little dog alive after being viciously attacked in her own back yard. No amount is too small; $1, $5 or $10 will help pay for the $2,500 Veterinarian and Hospital bill. Just click on the DONATE button located on the top right side, and it will take you straight to a PayPal page where you can donate safely and securely.

Please consider doing this as a Christmas present to me! (See, I'm easy and cheap to please)

Thank You!

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