Today is my husband's birthday. Last week we celebrated our son's 18th birthday.

One one fell swoop I suddenly have two men in my house!

It is a prideful feeling to count on two strong, honest, hard working men on a daily basis. One brings home the bacon, while the other is working hard to some day be able to bring  home the dough. It's also convenient because I now have not one, but two handy-men who change light bulbs, take turns taking out the trash or picking up dog poop.

They are birds of feather who flock together in front of the television for hours on end…simply content to be there.

They are friends who share inside jokes, sometimes crude movies, and an occasional disagreement about the performance of some athlete on a sporting team.

I'm lucky they get along, but maintain the respectful relationship between a father and son. One teaches the other in turn, and hardly ever out of turn.

Life is good.

Happy Birthday boys!

May you continue to grow up before me and make me proud.

(Yup, I'm talking to my husband, too! )


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