Birthday Musings

It's my 49th birthday today (yippee!), and only one year away from hitting the half century mark (boohoo!).  I can tell you my body is definitely starting to feel the weight of the years accumulating within me too.

“Do you feel different, mom?” asked my fourteen year old this morning as she inhaled her breakfast before bolting out the door for school.”I do, actually”, I told her trying to take my mind off the aching back, sore ankles and small headache I'd woken up to on my special day.

“I feel older, my body feels older, and looking at you guys, I know I'm older!”, I continued telling my kids, and longing for those painless days I used to take for granted.

But, watching the kids quickly getting ready for school without my help this morning, I also feel a great deal of satisfaction; they have both grown to lighten my load with responsible behavior, very caring and compassionate souls, and have been considerate teenagers with both my husband and I – so far.

Today, as the week gets underway on the speed-of-light road time seems to be on, I hope to be able to hit the brakes and observe with care how great I've had it the last forty-nine years; I have my health, my parents, my family, caring friends and, of course, you, my readers.

Thanks for sharing this almost-half-century of life with me.

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