“How Starbucks Saved My Life”- Starbucks Story Can Give us all a Needed Boost!

If you'd walked into the Starbucks on Seventy-eighth-Street in New York City and saw an older man cleaning the bathroom, you'd never know it was Michael Gates Gill, the son of a once famed writer for The New Yorker, who in his glory days as and advertising executive hob-nobbed with Jackie Onassis and Andy Warhol. After twenty years at his high-flying job, he got the boot and landed on the overqualified list of unemployed execs during the economic downturn of this decade.

Neither educated at Yale, nor growing up vacationing in the Hamptons were required information on the job application he filled out the fateful morning he walked into the coffee shop in his “pin-striped Brooks Brothers suit and Master of the Universe manner” to pity himself over a latte. But that day, unknowingly, he would regain control of his life with a whole new direction and outlook for his future, and that of his four children.

“How Starbucks Saved My Life” is an inspirational story unlike others; this is not a rags-to-riches tale, but a riches-to-rags journey about finding happiness while overcoming the need for the trappings of a well-to-do life. This quick read will strengthen your soul and empower you to live beyond the daily grind, and appreciate those who work around you — upbringing, education, race or religion not withstanding.

The added bonus of this Starbucks story is the detailed insight Gates describes about the corporate culture the coffee company has established for its employees. After reading the book, I just can't walk into to my local Starbucks store and simply say, “tall soy latte” to the partner at the register without making sure we make eye contact!

This is an uplifting book, and I recommend it to you whether you've lost your job, been laid off, have become a stay-at-home-mom or simply feel stuck at your current job.

It may just be the caffeinated kick in the rear you need to get up and visit the nearest Starbucks to enjoy your daily cup-o-joy and your life – as it is.

Author's Afterward: The movie rights have been sold, and the book-to-movie project, Mr. Gates wrote, has actor Tom Hanks in the lead role.

I hope to be at the first showing!

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