San Diego “LOOT-ed” by Sharon Waxman

England, Spain, and Mexico were a few of the countries represented by the multi-cultural group that attended  the enlightening and dynamic lecture given by Sharon Waxman about her latest book,  “LOOT.”  This new publication, about the often less-than-forthright antiquities business, was presented at an event hosted by Alex and Suzette Valle at USD’s elegant Degheri Alumni Center.

Author Sharon Waxman, host Suzette Valle and Bob Pincus of the San Diego Union Tribune

Mr. Bob Pincus, Books Editor and Art Critic for the San Diego Union Tribune, introduced the author and admitted he also thinks highly of Waxman as a reporter. He was referring to her present occupation as Editor-in-Chief of her newly launched on-line publication


Attentive guests at LOOT presentation

A lively Q & A session was followed by a one-on-one book signing with the author.

Tessie Salcedo and Norma Paullada ask questions while Sharon signs “LOOT”

Martha Rodriguez and Minerva Fierro among the guests with Bob Pincus

Tam Dorow and Karen Johnson enjoy the reception for LOOT

Antonio and Alejandra Torres Torija with LOOT host Alex Valle

John and Tam Dorow, hosts Alex and Suzette Valle with Jay and Tonia Accetta who represented the UK at LOOT

Dana Bottomley, the San Diego Museum of Art Registrar of Collections, with Sharon Waxman

Thank you to Chance Bistro and Bay Books of Coronado for supporting this event. If you’d like to purchase a signed copy of “LOOT,” Bay Books has a few pre-signed books for sale.

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