66th ANNUAL GOLDEN GLOBES – They're Baaack!

Elegance and glamor typified this year's Golden Globe Awards, or 'GGs', as Danny Boyle referred to them while accepting his trophy for best director for the movie 'Slumdog Millionaire'. The 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards were back last night in grand style after a one year absence.

The television awards production was interesting, with enough ad-lib from a few of the award recipients to break with the often times over-rehearsed ceremony. But, (yes, there's always a but!), among the gowns and glitz there were those who didn't quite fit in with the rest of the classy ensemble. I'm not refering to the cursing or hand gestures from some of the adult actors, but to Miss Miley Cyrus, who at most every opportunity refuses to adopt the rules of proper etiquette. For those who weren't watching the broadcast last night, and reportedly there were quite a few of you, Cyrus stuck her tongue out at the camera when it came in for a close-up during a short break.  

Miley Cyrus

Photo GossipGirl.com

Chalk it up to teen rebel behavior? Maybe, but her counterparts Zac Effron and the Jonas Brothers who were there to present awards took the high road instead, choosing to remain poised and, characteristic of the young sibling trio, humble by remarking that they had never seen so many celebrities together in one room.

The Jonas' and Effron were there to promote each of their upcoming films: 'The Jonas Brothers 3D Experience' (my daughter is an extra in this movie!) and 'Seventeen Again'.

Jonas BrothersZac Efron

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For the teen set who joined the celebrity 'A' list in record-breaking time, being in a room together with Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Dustin Hoffman should be a humbling experience, and deserving of upstanding behavior even at the smallest opportunities. So, a word of caution for A-List aspiring teen celebs: do not diminish the importance of any chance you have to shine. Remember, all eyes are on you at all times, and we (parents) are watching!

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