The New Year is a traditional time for year-end summaries of every type. Keeping with tradition, below is a list of the most popular Mamarazzi Knows Best articles of 2008. I'm very grateful for the time you, the readers, have granted me this year, and I am looking forward to bringing you more insightful and adventuresome articles in 2009. Hopefully, you'll take away something from my experiences you can use with your families – or for yourself!

Here is my list compiled with a combined total number of hits from various sites and links:

5. SAT Prep Course + Summer Job + Staycation = Smart Kid! With gas prices so low today, you might have forgotten what Staycation means. Read this informative piece, and you'll find out. Plus, you'll get an idea of what's coming up for your high school student.

4.  1984 Los Angeles Olympics Revisited The 2008 Summer Olympics brought us Michael Phelps, and due to his remarkable success the historical importance of these games was cemented in the minds of our youth. My contribution to the Olympics in 1984, although many years ago, seems to attract many nostalgic readers and historians to re-live this great event in Los Angeles.

The pomp and circumstance of an Olympic Medal Ceremony (Rowing, Los Angeles, CA 1984)

3. Tasteless Texting -Technology is the common factor in our children's lives today. My article on texting was referenced in Shaping Youth, another site also trying to decipher how we parents should deal with all the gadgets our kids are bombarded with these days.

2. Believe it or not, the The Jonas Brothers were not the number one attraction on my site in spite of dominating the teen pop scene this year. I was fortunate to be able to bring you some photos and news of a few of their concerts and their upcoming Disney 3D Movie which certainly brought young readers (and a few My Spacers, Facebookers, and hits from as far as Israel!) to check them out. These are the most read articles I wrote on this successful trio:

Move Over Miley! This article is posted on a couple of other websites. On Blogher, it has over 2,500 hits.

Nick Jonas at the Piano for 3D Cameras and Jonas Brothers Three Times better in 3D These two articles give you a little insight into the filming in Anaheim, CA of the Jonas 3D Movie Experience. Fan-damonioum ensued!

Joe Jonas during filming of 3D movie in Anaheim, CA Photo Suzette Valle

Jonas Brothers: Mainstream Music or Disney Fantasy? Their photo on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine prompted me to write about the JB breaking with the Disney mold.

And, at number one …

1. Take a Look at Josh Peck Now – This article is by far the most popular one getting between 500 and 1,000 hits per day! Obesity afflicts a large percentage of our youth, and in this article you can read how Josh Peck conquered his childhood-long weight battle and lost over 100 lbs. This is a good story to share with your kids if you're facing this issue at home, and could be a starting point for a New Year's resolution too!


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