Jonas Brothers Promoting Planned Parenthood?

I've written quite a bit about the Jonas Brothers trying to stick to my blog's focus on how Hollywood and teen celebrities influence our youth. However, I have to let you know I ran across a promotion twist for the siblings' upcoming concert in San Diego, Ca. which I'm trying to evaluate whether it's a twist or if it's twisted.

Driving home after softball practice, my 13 year old daughter bolted for the volume knob on the car radio to take note of a website where you can register to win a grand prize consisting of tickets plus a highly-coveted meet and greet to the JoBros concert on November 15th.

Fortunately, I was working on the computer when she and my husband got home, ran up the stairs spelling out the web's address so I  could enter the contest for her (most contests require that entrants be at least 16 years old, so we are used to doing this together). I guess I didn't hide my reaction well because when the registration page popped up on the screen, I gasped and my eyes widened enough for her to ask me if something was wrong. Having been caught completely off guard, I scrambled to click on anything that would take us to another page pronto, but it was too late, she was able to instantly note the name of the site along with the silhouette of the trio on the top left hand corner.

This is the website:

Win tickets to see the Jonas Brothers!

Planned Parenthood of San Diego & Riverside Counties and Channel 93.3 are giving away two tickets to see the Jonas Brothers Live in Concert on Saturday, November 15 at the San Diego Sports Arena! Fill out the online form below to register–it's easy! The winner will be announced on Monday, November 10. Good luck.

Note: Before you can register, we ask that you read the Official Contest Rules.

Am I really out of touch here, or has something gone awry? I have written about the trio wearing 'purity rings' assuring everyone they'll hold off on sex until marriage, and how this embodies the wholesome values that come along with taking this vow of chastity. The brothers have weathered a barrage of very public criticism for this — most notably from MTV's recent Video Music Award's host Russel Brand — but the family has maintained a united and gracious stand on this issue.

On the (extreme) other hand, Planned Parenthood is an organization which supports teen abortion and provides all sorts of contraception to teens.

Who's harebrained marketing idea was this?

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