Madonna Celebrates Obama

“This is a historical evening … We are lucky to be sharing it with each other” Madonna exclaimed after announcing to her captive audience that Barrack Obama had been elected President of the United States. In the middle of an outstanding performance, the long awaited results of the presidential election came in, and while the 50 year old music icon tried to concentrate on playing the guitar and singing, the significance of the moment overcame her.

“I'm so excited I forgot the words to my song!” Madonna told her jubilant audience at PETCO Park in San Diego, CA last night. And who could blame her?

About 30,000 ardent fans, including yours truly and family, joined her in celebrating the momentous victory for this country, and Madonna was prepared to give them an evening they would not soon forget. After the official news reached the performer, an Obama t-shirt-clad dance troupe took over the stage in a high energy number of “Express Yourself” with images of Barrack Obama flashing continuously in the background. We partied like it's 2009!

Between costume changes, frenetic dancing and drinking shots, Madonna proved she's still a force to be reckoned with on stage. She also reminded us that she “has a lot on her mind lately” which we all interpreted as a reference to her personal troubles with soon to be ex-husband Guy Ritchie. But the show must go on.

Madonna Concert Stage at PETCO Park in San Diego by Suzette Valle

For almost the entire two-hour long songfest, Madonna behaved very appropriately until the 2008 election results were announced. After that, she was in full Madonna form … 'F' word and all.

Sorry kids, but this is nothing you haven't already heard in a PG-13 film.

“This is a brand new world. We are all one.” Madonna


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