TATTOOS FOR JONAS BROTHERS TICKETS: Parent Caves into Child's Desire

The excitement over the upcoming Jonas Brothers concert is certainly getting the better of people in San Diego, California. Radio station Channel 933, the concert's sponsors, held a contest this morning for second row seats to the show, and all you had to do was simply compete with others in a radio challenge to find out what Jonas-Brothers-inspired design you'd be willing to permanently ink on yourself for these seats. 

There's something very wrong with this picture.

First, the JoBros don't have any tattoos, and probably would not support this behavior for their fans that are on average between 10 and 15 years old. My 13 year old daughter adores these boys, and she was repulsed by this type of link to her role models.

Photo by Suzette Valle

Second, this stunt sent out the wrong message on many levels; the worst, parents called in trying to win tickets for their 3 year olds! The lengths parents were willing to go to ranged from a mother getting a chest tattoo to the trios' faces illustrated on a father's back. Whole calves were offered as canvases too.

The winner of this contest got a tattoo of the band's name and the radio station's logo on the side of her neck in exchange for tickets for her seven year old daughter. Since the mom couldn't find a baby sitter to go to the radio station to get her 'tat' this morning, she brought her kids with her, and they watched as the tattoo artist took the needle to her neck! (She'll also get her 15 seconds of fame on TV’s NBC 7/39 news today)

The DJs sure had a quick laugh about this, and so did the listeners. But I hope most of us had stomach aches along with DJ Geena the Latina who said she felt bad because her good judgment had problems with this too — and she doesn't have kids.

Courtesy Channel 933 Photo Gallery

Nickie Bradley blogged about Permissive Parenting and wrote: “Permissive parents do love their children and are highly bonded to their children. They believe the key to their child's heart is to relate to their child as a peer instead of as a parent”.

Parents, think before you act! Remember the Sacramento mother who died after competing in the Hold Your Wee for a Wii radio station contest? More importantly, wasn't the mother who got the tattoo thinking of what she was teaching her kids to do, and others listening, for a pair of $80 tickets? What's next? You'll do her homework so she'll get good grades in school?

Well, if you keep this behavior up I think the only thing these kids will be capable of doing is offering to cover themselves with tattoos in exchange for what they desire, but can't afford.

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