MTV Video Music Awards: On the Edge of Obnoxoius

MTV's Video Music Awards were on television last night, and neither the 9 PM hour nor the TV14 rating could keep my thirteen-year-old daughter from watching these awards showcasing the uber popular Jonas Brothers. If you've kept up with my blog, then you know I've written about these Jersey boys before here, here and here.

The siblings were heavily promoted on MTV in the weeks leading up to the VMA show emphasizing their first ever appearance and performance. They were also nominated for Best Pop Video and Video of the Year awards, but lost in both categories.

Jonas Brothers

Courtesy of Hollywood Records

Russell Brand, the British comedian who starred in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, was the host and certainly needed to lay off the caffeine before the show! He mocked the Jonas Brothers for wearing purity rings through-out the night, and threw in some political satire for good measure. 

MTV is known for it's edgy content, but the derogatory nature of Brand's brand of entertainment bordered on obnoxious. Trying to understand why these three boys got so much negative attention from the host was difficult for a thirteen-year-old to comprehend, but it was more uncomfortable for us parents who had to explain the explicit sexual references and degrading remarks the British comedian made about the trio.

Kudos to Jordin Sparks who had the backbone to stand up for herself and for those who choose to wear these symbolic rings!

The Jonas Brothers' enormous popularity attracted a larger and younger audience to the VMAs this year. With these type of shenanigans we'll see if MTV can keep them.

 (San Diego readers and Channel 933 listeners: can you spot Hula in the photo below working away in the VMAs press room?)

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