Let's not OD on OJD

You didn't need to look very hard to get your daily dose of Jonas to treat your chronic OJD (Obsessive Jonas Disorder) because the Jonas Brothers were everywhere this week! On-line, in magazines, newspapers and on television, the band of brothers ran the gamut of media coverage to the delight of our female teenage population.

Monday's double dose began with the 2008 Teen Choice Awards followed by an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The TCA's focus was almost exclusively on the siblings' segments called “Ask a Jonas Brother”. (Though the shows obvious intention was to showcase Miley Cyrus, these bros seem to steel the spotlight!).

Relief on Tuesday was provided by a re-scheduled live interview and performance on LA's KIIS FM with Ryan Secreast, previously scheduled for Monday, but Mr. Secreast was ill. 

Wednesday my husband brought home a full page color add from USA Today advertising Bayer and Nick Jonas' partnership for diabetes awareness. 

Thursday the boys played their new single Burnin' Up at the So you Think you can Dance television finale on FOX.

Friday's prescription was administered with the constant flow of an IV: Good Morning America had the Jonas Brothers performing at Bryant Park, and  MTV had a 24/7 blog and live stream following the boys from New York to Jones Beach for their concert that night. My daughter and her equally stricken Jonas Sistas stayed glued to their computers for this first-of-its-kind on-line Jonas experience.

If you turned off the computer and turned on your TV to avoid ODing on the Jonas antics, you probably failed because you either heard them singing Target's new ad jingle or saw them during breaks on ESPN's  Little League World Series playoff games.

Quick! Tune into the Olympics before the family plans an intervention … 

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