Teen Choice Awards 2008 Update – Spoiler Alert!

Teen celebs arrived for the TC 08 awards show walking a green carpet matching this year's 'go green' theme.  Lacking the appropriate credentials, our teen aged journalist-in-training worked their way through the crowd snapping photos of today's popular young stars arriving at the Gibson Amphitheater.

High School Musical cast member

Kaycee Stroh as she arrived at the Gibson.


Inside the Gibson Amphitheater before the awards show.

More pictures coming soon.

Spoiler Alert! As noted in the previous post!!!!

Ready …

And the winner of the dance off is … with a lot of booing from the audience, and the jaw-on-the-floor expression from a surprised Nick Jonas, the surfboard went to Miley Cyrus and her M&M crew.

Now, let's watch tomorrow and see what Fox does with the audience's less-than-pleased audible reaction to this selection.

August 4th at 8 PM on Fox.

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