Privileged Fourth of July!

On this busy day full of patriotic activities with friends and family, it behooves us to take a step back to also celebrate why we live in this great country: The United States.

How we came to live here could be in a number of ways; some of us were born here; others were born abroad with a right to citizenship; some derived citizenship; and still others chose to become citizens of this country.

While to many US citizens this right came by birth with little effort on their part, for a vast number of people living in the United States has only been achieved by their personal choice — through no small amount of work and sacrifice.

What a privilege to have this choice!

If you have the privilege of living in this country remember to look around you today while you're at the park or at the beach; take in the variety of people there with you.

You'll probably wonder how did they all get here?

But, the one thing you'll most likely not question is why we are living in this country because it's the single thing we all have in common living in the good old USA: to have the best quality of life we know to be available.

Live, let live, and be thankful for this privilege.

Happy Independence Day!

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